Zlin, Czech Republic (Karel Zeman’s Studio):


1966     Malí Sambo (Little Sambo)

             (7 minute, animation): storyboard, director, designer in chief


1966      The Boys and The Pillow

             (7 minute, animation): storyboard, director, designer in chief


1967     Ukradenà Vzducholoď (The Stolen Airship) - designer, assistant director

             (feature length, live action combined with animation and special effects)


1974     Pohádky Ťisíce a jedné noci (Thousand and One Nights) - designer in chief, assistant director

             (feature length, animation)


1975     Čarodějův Učeň (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) - designer in chief, animator, assistant director

             (feature length, animation)


1979     Čertík Fidibus (Little Devil Fidibus) - storyboard, designer in chief, assistant director

             (16 minutes animation)


1980     Pohádka o Honzíkovi a Mařence (The Tale of John and Mary) - designer in chief, animator

             (feature length, animation)


1981 –1984: animated 11-part series for television: storyboard, designer in chief, assistant director


1981     Mustang With Golden Mane (7 min.)

             Giant Sun-Gu (7 min.)

             Water That brings Back Life (7 min.)


1982     Blue Bison (7 min.)

             Black Raven(7 min.)

             The Great Catch (7 min.)


1983     Sun’s Eclipse (7 min.)

             Secret of the Maple Tree (7 min.)

             The Flying Feather (7 min.)


1984     The Grizzly Bear (7 min.)

             The Eagle’s Feather(7 min.)


1985      The Cedar Tree Of Life - designer in chief, assistant director

             (30 seconds, animation) - Sesame Street


1992     Lord of The Sky - designer in chief, co-director

             (12 minutes, animation) - National Film Board of Canada

Awards for Lord of The Sky:


Blue Ribbon Award, Documentaries for children, 35th Annual American Film and Video

Festival, Chicago, Illinois (May 1993)


Certificate of Honorable Mention, Social Studies Category, 40th Annual International Film

Festival, Columbus Ohio (October 1992)


Best Animation over 10 minutes, New England Children’s Film and Video Festival,

 Medford, Massachusetts (November 1992)


Special Mention given by the Children’s Jury, 16th Children’s Film Festival Berlin, Germany

(February 1993)


Silver Award, Early Childhood Category, International Educational Film Festival,

Birmingham, Alabama (April 1993)


Certificate of Appreciation, Fifth Biennial Earth Peace International Film Festival,

Burlington, Vermont, (April 1993)


Bronze Apple Award, Language Arts – Children’s Programs Category, National

Educational Film and Video Festival, Oakland, California (May 1993)


Festival Award for Intercultural Understanding, Chicago International Children’s Film

Festival, Chicago, Illinois (October 1993)    


Short-listed for an Oscar nomination